Thursday, February 11, 2010



ALIEN VS PREDATORS: REQUEIM [updated 8/15/08], disini. 
APE ACADEMY 2, disini 
ASPHALT-URBAN GT 2 [updated 8/23/09], disini. 
ASTONISHIA STORY(updated 12/24/07), disini. 
BEATS [EUR] "English Only" Official CSO, disini. 
BEN 10 ALIENS FORCE [USA], file 1, dan file 2
BEN 10 PROTECTOR OF EARTH, file 1, dan file 2.
BEOWULF- THE GAME, file 1, dan file 2. 
BLOOD BOWL [EUR] [Multi 5] [updated 7/21/09], disini.
BOMBERMAN, disini. 
BRAVW STORY : New Traveler, disini 
BREATHOF FIRE III [updated 6/6/09], disini. 
BROOKTOWN HIGH, file1, dan file2. 
BROTHERSIN ARMS D-DAY,file1, file2 dan file3.
BUBBLE BOBBLE EVOLUTION [updated 7/31/09], disini. 
BURNOUT DOMINATOR (updated 9/1/09), disini.
BUST A MOVE DELUXE [updated 7/31/09], disini. 
BUZZ BRAIN OF UK [EUR] 'English Only', disini. 
CABELAS DANGEROUS HUNTS ULTIMATE CHALlANGE [updated 8/15/09] file1, file2, file3, dan file4. 
CALL OF DUTY : ROADS TO VICTORY [updated 5/19/09], disini.
CAPCOM CLASSIC REMIXED [updated 7/30/09], disini. 
CAPCOM CLASSICS RELOAD EDITIONS [updated 7/30/09], disini.
CAPCOM PUZZLE WORLD [updated 8/23/09], disini. 
CAROL VORDERMANS SUDOKU [updated 8/10/09], disini. 
CARS [updated 8/13/09], disini.
CHAMPIONSHIP MANAGER 2007 [updated 8/15/09], disini 
CHESSMASTER: The Art of Learning [EUR] [Multi 5], disini.
CHILIE CON CARAGE [updated 7/25/09], disini.
CID THE DUMMY, disini.
CODED ARMS CONTAGION [updated 5/31/09], disini.
CRASH OF THE TITAN [updated 7/26/09], disini.
CRASH TAG TEAM RACING [updated 8/15/09], disini.
CRAZY TAXI FARE WARS [updated 7/13/09],disini.
CRISIS CORE FINAL FANTASY VII [USA], file1, file2, dan file3.
CUBE [updated 7/29/09], disini. 
DAVE MIRRA BMX CHALLENGE [updated 7/20/09], disini 
DAXTER [updated 4/07/09], file1, file2 dan file3 
DEAD TO RIGHTS RECKONING [updated 7/9/09], disini.
DEATH JR [updated 8/1/09], disini.
DEATH JR. 2: ROOT OF EVIL [updated 7/31/09], file1, dan file2.
DEF JAM FIGHT FOR NY THE TAKEOVER [updated 8/6/09], disini.
DINNER DASH [updated 8/26/09], disini.
DJ MAX FEVER [USA] [updated 4/8/09], file1, file2, dan file3
DJ MAX PORTABLE 2 IN JAPANESE, ENGLISH, KOREAN [updated 8/23/09], disini.
DRAGON BALL Z: SHIN BUDOKAI - ANOTHER ROAD [updated 5/20/09], disini.
DRIVER 76 [updated 7/29/09], disini.
DT CARNAGE [USA], disini.
DUNGEON SIEGE THRONE OF AGONY [updated 7/31/09], disini.
DYNASTY WARRIORS [updated 7/9/09], disini.
DYNASTY WARRIORS  VOL. 2 (updated 1/31/08), disini.
EA REPLAY (updated 9/4/09), disini.
ECHOCHROME [CHN included 'English, Chinese'], disini.
ERAGON [updated 8/15/09], disini.
EVERY BODY 'S GOLF [updated 4/27/09], disini.
EXIT 2 [updated 5/20/09], disini.
FAMILY GUY [updated 7/29/09], disini.
FIELD COMMANDERS (updated 7/17/09), disini.
FIFA 09 [EUR] 'English Only', file1 dan file2.
FIFA 07 (updated 4/2/08), disini.
FIFA STREET 2 [updated 5/15/09], disini.
FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 (updated 4/28/09), disini
FINAL FANTASY 2 - ANNIVERSARY EDITION [updated 7/15/09], disini.
FINAL FANTASY 20TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION (updated 5/20/09), disini.
FINAL FANTASY TACTICS : WAR OF LIONS [USA] [updated 3/17/09], disini
FIRED UP [updated 8/17/09], disini.
FLOW [EUR] [Multi 5], disini.
FORD STREET RACING LA DUEL [updated 8/31/09], disini.
FRANTIXS, disini.
FREAK OUT EXTREME FREERIDE [updated 7/19/09], disini. 
FREE RUNNING (updated 07/31/09), disini. 
FULL AUTO2 BATTLELINES [updated 6/1/09], disini. 
G I JOE THE RISE OF COBRA [USA] [updated 8/8/09], disini. 
G-FORCE [USA] [updated 8/22/09], disini. 
GENERATION OF CHAOS [updated 8/4/09], disini. 
GHOST IN THE SHELL - STAND ALONE COMPLEX [updated 8/10/09], disini. 
GHOST RIDER [updated 7/31/09], disini. 
GITAROO MAN LIVES [updated 9/10/09], file1 dan file2.
GO SUDOKU (updated 7/29/09), disini. 
GOD OF WAR CHAINS OF OLYMPUS [USA], file1, file2 dan file3 
GOTTLIEB PINBALL CLASSIC [updated 7/9/09], disini 
GRADIUS PORTABLE [updated 7/29/09], disini. 
GRAND AUTO THEFT THE VICE CITY STORIES [updated 5/21/09], disini. 
GRAND THEFT AUTO: LIBERTY CITY STORIES (updated 9/19/08), disini.
GREAT BATTLES OF ROME [updated 7/7/09], disini. 
GRETZKY NHL 2005, disini. 
GUILTY GEAR JUDGMENT[updated 7/29/09], disini.
GUILTY GEAR XX ACCENT CORE PLUS [USA] [updated 5/9/09], disini.
GUITAR WAY TO HEAVEN 4 AMPLIFIE [USA], file1, dan file2.
GUN  SHOWDOWN [updated 5/29/09], file1 dan file2.
GURUMIN - A MONSTROUS ADVENTURE [updated 7/29/09], disini. 
HAMMERIN' HERO [USA], disini. 
HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE [EUR] [updated 8/8/09], disini. 
HARRY POTTER  THE ORDER OF THE PHOENIX [USA] [updated 8/12/09], file1, file2, file3, file4. dan file5
HARVEST MOON: INNOCENT LIFE [updated 8/2/09], disini.
Hot Shot Golf Open Tee [updated 7/30/09], disini.
Indiana Jones Staff King [USA], disini.
Infected [updated 5/25/09], disini.
International Athletics [EUR] [Multi 5] (ripped), disini.
International Cricket Captain III (updated 1/11/08), disini.
Iron Man [USA] [Multi 3 'English, French, Spanish'], disini. 
Juiced 2 Hot Import Nights [updated 7/30/09],disini. 
Juiced Eliminator [updated 7/4/09], disini  Lumines [updated 7/25/09]
Justice League Heroes [updated 7/2/09], file1, file2, dan file3,
Kao Challengers [updated 8/15/09], disini,
Key of Heaven [updated 1/31/09], file1,  file2. 
Killzone Liberation [updated 5/10/09], disini.
Lanfeust of Troy [EUR] [Multi 5], disini. 
Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean [updated 8/4/09], disini. 
Lego Star Wars Original Trilogy, disini.
Lord of the Rings Tactics [updated 4/5/09], disini.
Lost Regnum [updated 8/13/09], disini. 
Lumines [updated 7/25/09], disini
Lumines 2 [updated 8/8/09], file1, dan file2.
Luxor (updated 1/12/08), disini. 
M.A.C.H: Modified Air Combat Heroes, disini.
Madden NFL 06 [updated 8/15/08], disini. 
Madden NFL 08 (updated 4/16/08), file1 dan file2. 
Madden NFL 09 [USA] [updated 8/29/08], file1 dan file2.
Madden NFL 10 [USA] [updated 8/18/09], disini.
Madden NFL 2007 [ripped] [updated 6/01/08], disini.
Magic Sudoku [updated 8/12/08], disini. 
Major League Baseball 2K7 [updated 8/12/08]. file1, file2, dan file3 
Major League Baseball 2k8 [USA], file1, file2, dan file3 
Major League Baseball 2K9 [USA], file1 dan file2. 
Mana Khemia Student Alliance [USA] [updated 3/21/09], disini. 
Manhunt 2, file1 dan file2. 
Manhunt 2 Uncut (updated 1/15/07), file1 dan file2.
Manhunt 2 [EUR] [Multi 5] file1 dan file2 
Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects [updated 6/3/09]n, disini 
Marvel Trading Card Game, file1 dan file2. 
Marvel Ultimate Alliance [updated 8/7/09], disini.
Me and My Katamari [updated 7/30/09], disini.
Medal of Honor 2 [updated 3/18/09], disini.
Medal Of Honor Heroes (updated 6/06/08), disini.
MediEvil Resurrection [updated 12/22/08], file1 dan file2. 
Mega Man Maverick Hunter X [updated 7/31/09], disini. 
Mega Man Powered Up [updated 7/31/09] disini.
Mercury Meltdown, disini.
Metal Gear Acid 2, file1 dan file2
Metal Gear Ac!d I [updated 5/28/09] disini. 
Metal Gear Solid Digital Graphic Novel (*Comic*) [updated 5/21/09] disini. 
Metal Gear Solid Portable OPS Plus + [USA] file1 dan file2.
Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus [EUR] [Multi 5], file1 dan file2 
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops [updated 7/31/09]disini. 
Metal Slug Anthology [updated 11/20/08 file1 dan file2
Miami Vice [updated 7/30/09]disini. 
Midnight Club 3 [updated 8/23/09], file1 dan file2 
Midnight Club LA Remix [EUR] 'English Only' file1 dan file2
Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play [updated 8/10/09] disini.
Military History Commander Europe at War [EUR]disini 
Mind Quiz disini. 
MLB 07: The Show, disini
MLB 08 The Show [USA], file1 dan file2.
MLB 09 The Show [USA], file1 dan file2.
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 [updated 9/10/09], disini. 
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [EUR] [Multi 5] [updated 7/23/09], disini. 
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite [USA], disini. 
Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G [English Patched], file1 dan file2.
Monster Hunter: Freedom [updated 7/30/09], disini 
Monster Jam Urban Assault [USA], disini. 
Monster Kingdom: Jewel Summoner [updated 7/30/09],disini. 
Mortal Kombat: Unchained [updated 8/11/09], disini. 
Moto GP, disini. 
MVP BaseBall (updated 7/06/08), disini.
MX vs. ATV - On The Edge, disini.
MX vs ATV Untamed, disini.
Myst [updated 9/9/09], file1, file2 dan file3. 
Mytran Wars [EUR] [Multi 5] file1 dan file2.
N+ [USA], disini. 
Namco Museum Battle Collection [updated 9/18/08], disini.
Napoleon Dynamite, disini. 
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes USA Version, disini. 
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 - The Phantom Fortress [EUR] [Multi 5], file1 dan file2.
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 - The Phantom Fortress [USA),  file1 dan file2
Nascar (updated 8/27/08) disini. 
NBA 06, disini. 
NBA 08 Featuring Block Party, file1 dan file2. 
NBA 09 The Inside [USA,], file1 dan file2. 
NBA Ballers: Rebound [updated 8/8/09], disini.
NBA LIVE 08 Full version (updated 4/6/08), disini. 
NBA LIVE 08 ( RIP ONLY) (updated 4/6/08), disini 
NBA Live 09 Full Version [USA], file1 dan file2. 
NBA Live 09 [EUR] [Multi 3] 'English, Italian, & German', file1 dan file2. 
NBA Live 09 [USA], file1 dan file2. 
NBA Live 2006 [updated 6/23/08], disini. 
NBA LIVE 2007 [updated 7/6/09], disini. 
NBA Street Showdown [updated 8/12/08], disini. 
NCAA Football 09 [USA], file1 dan file2. 
NCAA Football 2010, disini. 
NCAA Football 2007 (updated 6/04/08), file1 dan file2. 
Need For Speed Carbon Own The City (updated 4/8/08), disini. 
Need For Speed Most Wanted 510 [updated 12/19/08], disini. 
Need For Speed Pro Street [EUR] [Multi 5]. file1 dan file2.
Need For Speed Pro Street [USA],  file1 dan file2. 
Need For Speed Undercover [EUR] [Multi 10] file1 dan file2. 
Need For Speed Underground Rivals (updated 12/13/08) disini. 
Neverland Card Battles [USA] disini.
NFL Street 2 [updated 7/31/09] disini.
NHL 07 [ripped] [updated 4/22/08], disini. 
NHRA Drag Racing Countdown to The Championship, disini. 
No Gravity The Plague Of Mind [USA], disini. 
Off Road [EUR], disini. 
Online Chess Kingdoms, disini. 
Open Season [updated 8/3/09], file1 dan file2.
OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast [updated 6/20/09], disini. 
Over The Hedge Hammy Goes Nuts, disini.
Pac-Man World 3 [updated 7/15/09], disini.
PacMan Rally [updated 7/17/09], disini.
Pangya Fantasy Golf [USA] [updated 7/22/09], disini. 
PaRappa the Rapper [updated 12/24/08], disini.
Patapon 2 [EUR] [Multi 5] [updated 5/10/09], disini. 
Patapon [USA], disini.
Pay Out Casino, disini. 
PBR Out of the Chute [USA], disini. 
PDC World Championship Darts 2008 [EUR], disini. 
Peter Jacksons King Kong [updated 7/11/09], disini. 
PetPet Aventures, disini. 
Phantasy Star Portable [USA], file1 dan file2.
Pilot Academy [updated 8/11/09], disini.
Pimp My Ride [updated 4/7/09], file1 dan file2
Pinball Hall of Fame Gottlieb Pinball Collection [EUR] [MULTi5], disini.
Pinball Hall Of Fame The William Collection [USA], disini.
Pipe Mania [EUR] [Multi5], disini.
Pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest [updated 8/6/09],disini.
Pirates of the Caribbean: At world's end, file1, file2 dan file3.
Platypus [updated 8/4/09]. disini. 
Platypus [EUR] [Multi 5], disini.
Pocket Pool, file1 dan file2 
Pocket Racers [updated 8/31/09], disini.
Popolocrois [updated 7/29/09], disini.
Powerstone Collection [updated 8/31/09], disini.
PQ 2 Practical Intelligence Quotient, file1 dan file2
Prince Of Persia Rival Swords [updated 7/29/09], disini. 
Prince of Persia Revelations, disini. 
Prinny Can I Really Be The Hero [USA], disini. 
Pro Cycling Season 2009 Tour de France [EUR] [Multi 5], disini. 
Description: Pro Cycling Tour 2008 De France [EUR] [Multi 5], disini.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 (PES 2008) [EUR], file1 dan file2
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PES 2009) [EUR] [Multi 6], file1 dan file2  
Pro Evolution Soccer 2009 (PES 2009) [USA], file1 dan file2 
Pro Evolution Soccer 6 [updated 8/11/09], disini.
Prostroke World Golf Tour 2007 [updated 8/14/09], disini. 
Pump It Up Exceed Portable Korea, file1 dan file2.
Pump It Up ZERO Portable, file1, file2, file3. dan file4
Pursuit Force [updated 2/08/09], disini. 
Pursuit Force Extreme Justice [updated 4/10/09], file1 file2 dan file3 
Puyo Pop Fever [updated 7/30/09] disini.
Puzzle Challenge Crosswords, disini. 
Puzzle Guzzle [USA], disini. 
Puzzle Quest - Challenge Of The Warlords [updated 8/15/09], disini.
Puzzle Scape, disini.
Puzzler Collection [EUR] 'English Only', disini.
R-Type Command [USA], disini. 
R-Type Tactics [EUR] [Multi 5], disini.
Race Drive 2006 [updated 7/8/09]. file1 dan file2 
Rapala Trophies [updated 8/3/09]. disini.  
Ratatouille, disini.
Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters [updated 1/09/09] disini.
Real Madrid The Game [EUR] [Multi 5], disini. 
Rengoku 2 The Stairway to HEAVEN [updated 8/11/09] disini. 
Rengoku The Tower Of Purgatory [updated 8/11/09] disini.
Resident Evil 2 file1 dan file2. 
Resistance Retribution [EUR] [Multi 5] file1, file2, dan file3. 
Resistance Retribution [USA], file1, file2, dan file3. 
Ridge Racer 2 [updated 10/25/08], file1 dan file2.
Riviera The Promised Land [updated 6/2/09] disini.
Riviera The Promised Land [EUR] [Multi 5] disini. 
Rock Band Unplugged [USA] [updated 6/10/09], disini.
Rocky Balboa [updated 9/3/09] disini. 
Super Stardust Portable disini. 
Samurai Shodown Anthology [ASIA] file1 dan file2.
Samurai Warrior State of War [updated 7/29/09] disini. 
SBK 08 Superbike World Championship [EUR] [Multi 5] disini.
SBK 09 Superbike World Championship [EUR] [Multi 5] [updated 8/28/09] disini. 
SBK Superbike World Championship [EUR] [Multi 3], disini
Scarface: Money. Power. Respect  (updated 1/24/08) disini
Scooby Doo! Who’s Watching Who? [updated 8/11/09] disini. 
Scrabble [USA] disini.
Secret Agent Clank [USA] [Multi 5] file1, file2 dan file3.
Sega Rally Revo [updated 7/7/09] disini
Shaun White Snowboarding [EUR] disini.
Shinobido Tales Of The Ninja [updated 5/7/09] disini.
Shrek Smash n' Crash Racing [updated 9/6/09] disini.
Shrek The Third [updated 8/13/08] disini.
Sid Meirs Pirates Live the Life (updated 4/8/08) disini.
Silent Hill Origins USA [updated 6/1/09] disini.
Silverfall [EUR] [Multi5] disini.
Simple 2500 disini. 
Skate Park City [EUR] disini.
Smackdown Vs Raw 07 file1, file2 dan file3.
Smackdown VS Raw 2008 [updated 6/7/09] file1 file2 dan file3. 
SmackDown Vs Raw 2009 [EUR] 'English Only' [updated 5/6/09] disini.
SmackDown Vs Raw 2009 [USA] file1 dan file2.
SmackDown vs. Raw 2006 disini.
Smart Bomb. disini.
Smash Court Tennis 3 [updated 12/20/08] disini.
SNK Arcade Classics Vol 1 [USA] file1 dan file2.
Snoopy Vs The Red Baron, disini. 
Socom US Navy Seals Fireteam Bravo 1 (updated 6/06/08) disini. 
Socom: Fire Team Bravo 2 disini.
Socom US Navy Seals Tactical Strike [updated 10/26/08]  file1 dan file2.
Sonic Rivals [updated 7/17/09] disini.
Sonic Rivals 2 disini.
Space Invaders Evolution (updated 2/29/08) disini. 
Space Invaders Extreme [EUR][Multi 5] disini. 
Spectral Souls file1 dan file2.
Spectral VS Generation disini.
Spelling Challenge and More disini.
Spider-man 2 [updated 7/3/09] disini.
SpiderMan 3 [updated 6/4/09] file1, file2 dan file3.
Spiderman Friend or Foe [updated 8/10/09] disini
Spiderman Web of Shadows [EUR] disini.
Spiderman Web of Shadows [USA] disini.
Spinout [EUR] [Multi5] disini.
Splinter Cell- Essentials [updated 5/8/09] disini.
SSX On Tour  (updated 8/5/09) disini.
Stacked [updated 7/10/09] disini.
Star Ocean First Departure [EUR] [Multi 5] file1, file2 dan file3
Star Ocean First Departure [USA] file1  dan file3
Star Ocean Second Evolution [USA] file1, file2 dan file3
Star Trek Tactical Assault [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Star Wars Battle Front II (Updated 4/2/2008) disini.
Star Wars Battlefront Renegade Squadron [updated 7/17/09] disini. 
Star Wars Force Unleashed [EUR] [Multi 3] English, Spanish, & Italian file1 dan file2
Star Wars Force Unleashed [USA] file1 dan file2
Star Wars Lethal Alliance [updated 8/8/09] disini.
State Shift [updated 8/8/09] disini. 
Steambot Chronicles Battle Tournament [USA] [updated 7/25/09] disini.
Steel Horizon disini.
Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (updated 12/27/07) disini.
Street Riders [updated 8/21/09] disini.
Street Supremacy disini.
Striker 1945 Plus [ASIA] 'English Only' disini. 
Sudoku Battle Action Zendoku [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Super Collapse 3 (updated 1/11/08) disini.
Super Fruit Fall disini.
Super Hind [EUR] [Multi 5] disini.
Super Monkey Ball Adventure [updated 8/25/09] disini.
Super Pocket Tennis [updated 8/4/09] disini. 
Superbike World Championship '07 [updated 7/25/09] disini.
SURF'S UP disini. 
SWAT Target Liberty [updated 7/10/09] disini. 
Syphon Filter Combat Ops [EUR][Multi 5], disini. 
Syphon Filter Combat Ops [USA], disini. 
Syphon Filter Dark Mirror [updated 9/26/08], file1, file2, dan file3.  

Taito Legends Power up [updated 9/11/09], disini.
Taito Memories Pocket, disini. 
Tales of Eternia, disini. 
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology disini.
Talkman file1 dan file2.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Tekken: Dark Resurrection [updated 9/6/09] disini.
Tekken: Dark Resurrection [EUR] [updated 7/21/09] file1, file2 dan file3
Telly Addicts Multi-Player Family Ediction [EUR] disini. 
Tenchu Shadow Assassins [USA] disini.
Tenchu Time of The Assasins [updated 7/30/09] disini.
Test Drive Unlimited [updated 8/23/09] disini.
The Bigs 2 [USA] disini.
The BiGs Baseball disini.
The Con [updated 8/24/09] disini.
The Dog Happy Life McDonalds [USA] [updated 9/11/09] file1 dan file2
The Fast and The Furious [updated 8/4/09] disini.
The Godfather - Mob Wars (updated 4/13/08) disini.
The Golden Compass [updated 9/11/09] disini. 
The Legend of Heroes : A Tear of Vermillion, disini. 
The Simpsons Game (updated 4/1/08), file1 dan file2. 
The Sims 2 (updated 4/21/09), disini.
The Sims 2 Castaway (updated 7/02/08),  disini.
The Sims 2 Pets (updated 4/8/08), file1, dan file2.
The Warriors [updated 7/30/09], disini.  
Thrillville [updated 7/6/09] disini. 
Thrillville Off the Rails [updated 7/8/09] disini. 
Tiger Woods PGA Tour (updated 9/11/09) disini. 
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 (updated 9/11/09) disini.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 [EUR] file1, file2 dan file3 
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 09 [USA] file1, file2 dan file3
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 [USA] [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 (updated 9/11/09) file1, file2, file3, file4 dan file5.
Toca Race Driver 2 [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Toca Race Driver 3 [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Tokobot [EUR] [Multi 5] disini.
Tom Clancy's EndWar [USA] disini.
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 (updated 07/25/09) disini.
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas [updated 9/11/09] disini. 
Tomb Raider Anniversary [updated 7/21/09] file1 dan file2. 
Tomb Raider Legends disini.
Tony Hawk Underground 2 ReMix [updated 5/26/09] disini. 
Tony Hawks Project 8 [updated 6/16/09] file1, file2, dan file3 
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen [USA] [updated 6/25/09] file1, dan file2 
Transformers-The Game [updated 10/8/08] disini. 
Traxxpad  disini,
Twisted Metal Head On [updated 8/2/09] disini. 
Uefa Champions League 2006-2007 (updated 4/5/08) file1 dan file2.
UEFA EURO 2008 [EUR] [Multi 3] file1, file2, dan file3 
Ultimate Board Game Collection [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Ultimate Board Game Collection [EUR] [Multi 5]  disini.
Ultimate Ghosts 'N' Goblins [updated 8/3/09] disini.
Unbound Saga [USA] disini.
Untold Legends BrotherHood [updated 9/3/09]  disini.
Untold Legends The Warrior's Code [updated 7/3/09] file1, dan file2.
Up [USA] disini.
V8 Supercars 3 Shoot Out [updated 8/1/09] disini.
Valhalla Knights [updated 7/13/09] disini
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth [updated 6/28/09] disini.
Viewtiful Joe - Red Hot Rumble [updated 8/17/09]  disini. 
Virtua Tennis 3 [USA] [updated 7/2/09]  disini. 
Virtua Tennis World Tour, disini. 
Valhalla Knights 2 [USA] disini.
Valkyrie Profile Lenneth [updated 6/28/09] disini.
Viewtiful Joe - Red Hot Rumble [updated 8/17/09 disini.
Virtua Tennis 3 [USA] [updated 7/2/09]  disini.
Virtua Tennis World Tour  disini.
Wall E [USA] [updated 7/3/09]  disini.
War Ni Chi [K]  disini. 
Warhammer 40000 Squad Command  file1, dan file2 
Warriors Of The Lost Empire, disini. 
Warriors Orochi [USA] disini. 
We'll Never Fight Alone [USA],  file1 dan file2. 
Wild Arms XF [EUR]  file1 dan file2 
Wild Arms XF [USA]  file1 dan file2. 
Winning Eleven 9  disini. 
Winning Eleven Pro Evolution Soccer 2007 [updated 9/11/09] disini.
Winx Club: Join the Club [updated 8/2/09]  file1 dan file2 
Wipeout Pulse [updated 9/10/09]  disini.
Wipeout Pure [updated 5/31/09]  disini. 
World Championship Cards [USA]  disini. 
World Championship Poker 2, disini. 
World Championship Poker: All In [updated 9/12/09],  disini. 
World of Pool (updated 1/12/08)  disini. 
World Poker Tour [updated 8/18/09] disini.
World Rally Championship,  file1 dan file2
World Series of Poker 2008 - Battle of the Bracelets [updated 7/11/09] file1 dan file2
World Snooker Challenge 2007 [updated 8/31/09]  disini.
World Tour Soccer 2  file1 dan file2 
Worms Open Warfare [updated 8/28/09]  disini.
Worms Open Warfare 2 [EUR]  disini.
WTF - Work Time Fun [updated 6/8/09]  disini.
WWII Battle Over the Pacific [EUR] , disini

X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse [updated 9/11/09]  disini.
X-Men Origins Wolverine [EUR] [Multi 5] [updated 7/30/09]  disini.
Xtreme Party [updated 9/11/09]  disini.
Xyanide Resurrection [updated 9/11/09]  file1 dan file2
Ys- The Ark of Napishtim disini. 
Yu Gi Oh GX Tag Force 3 [EUR] [Multi 5]  file1 dan file2
Yu-Gi-Oh GX Tag Force [updated 8/14/08]  disini. 
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2 [updated 8/24/08]  file1 file2 dan file3